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Practice Labs is a new kind of IT training company. Our mission is clear to help 1 million users improve their digital skills by 2023. But we know that learning new skills in IT needs practice, and workplace experience is hard to come by these days. That’s why we empower learners of all abilities with the chance to build their hands-on digital and IT skills using real live IT equipment. We are not a training company, although we help learners reach their career goals with their own hands. 


New Release - Microsoft Azure Suite

We have some great news to share. The Practice Labs Library has just got a whole lot better. Introducing the Azure Practice Labs Suite, we have developed a new four-part cloud computing live lab.
From Azure Fundamentals to Security Concepts, we’ve got hands-on cloud experience covered.
It’s all part of our masterplan to help 1 million users develop their skills in the latest technologies.
Your cloud experience is about to get better.

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