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Hands-on digital and IT skills for everyone

Practice Labs is a new kind of IT training company. Our mission is clear to help 1 million users improve their digital skills by 2023. But we know that learning new skills in IT needs practice, and workplace experience is hard to come by these days. That’s why we empower learners of all abilities with the chance to build their hands-on digital and IT skills using real live IT equipment. We are not a training company, although we help learners reach their career goals with their own hands. 

Trending Digital Skills

CompTIA Network+

Get 12 months access to build your networking infrastructure, concepts, operations, security & troubleshooting skills.

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CompTIA Security+ 601

Start your cyber security training with hands-on practice in our latest CompTIA Security+ lab.

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Azure Practice Labs

Entire workforces are adopting the cloud, start your hands-on Azure learning journey with Practice Labs.

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Advance your workforce

Give your staff the opportunity to have the right skills including fundamental digital skills, confident usage of new cloud technologies and ensuring organizational cyber security threat prevention.

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We create practical learning content that is up-to-date and relevant to the needs of the current job market. Our certification titles are internationally recognized and aligned to the most in demand job roles so you can prove to future employers you have the latest practical skills, ultimately meeting your career goals.

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