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We can help you give your students the best opportunities to develop their IT skills wherever they are. It won’t matter whether they’re with you in the classroom or learning from home. 

Next level training

When selecting which institution to study at, young people are reviewing employability rankings alongside reputation, course content and teaching quality.

Employers value hands-on work experience. Consequently, schools, colleges and universities are keen to ensure their IT students are employable and work-ready. They know that employers want new IT recruits who can hit the ground running.

But here’s the rub: it’s costly and time consuming for educators to build and maintain their own live lab environments to give their students this practical know-how – made even more difficult by the pace of change and the regularity of hardware and software updates.

Technology continues to evolve, yet academic budgets are shrinking. Time is in short supply as budget cuts translate into reduced staff headcounts. Instructors want their students to succeed, but there’s hardly enough time to prepare them for certification, let alone ensure they’re ready to enter the workforce.

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Students in our program can access Practice Labs anytime from anywhere and are provided with various scenarios where they can practice configuring real equipment. This helps build confidence as they prepare to enter the job market.
Professor of Computer Network Systems Engineering
Independent review on G2.com

Take your IT training to the next level

  • Best in class live Practice Labs and Exam Preps that can be easily aligned with your course content.

  • Acts as a ‘virtual IT internship’ for your students, allowing them to gain valuable work experience.

  • 350+ Practice Lab and Exam Prep titles to choose from, covering critical topics from leading vendors such as CompTIA, Microsoft, Cisco and VMware.

  • 24/7 access via web browser or through LTI integration with your learning management system.

  • Gives your students access to the latest devices, hardware and software – regardless of the age of the physical equipment they are using.

  • Cybersecurity titles, include Red Team | Blue Team fundamentals to prepare your students for Capture the Flag events using cyber ranges.

  • Easy to follow, step-by-step instruction, reinforced by a variety of test types: text based; live questions; and performance-based testing – embedding learning by challenging your students to problem-solve themselves.

  • Perfect complement to online IT training programmes.

  • Automatic grading and reporting allows for hassle-free assessment of student progress.
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