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Now available

Azure Practice Labs Suite

Gain the essential practical skills needed to develop a career in cloud computing

As entire workforces adopt cloud technologies, we have made it easy for learners to gain practical hands-on skills in cloud computing, without the need for a personal login to Microsoft Azure.

The Azure Suite of Practice Labs has been developed for users to practice and learn how to create and administer cloud resources and applications using the Microsoft Azure cloud platform - all done so without any login credentials. The login process is completely handled by the lab and requires no personal sign-ups or trial accounts, leaving no barriers to learning cloud.

There are four titles within the Azure collection, where learners can begin with the Fundamentals and then progress to Security Concepts.


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The Azure Practice Labs Suite is available to purchase in the Practice Labs Unlimited bundle. Click buy now to purchase or learn more.

Career paths

By completing the full suite of Azure Practice Labs, learners will be confident and equipped with real-world experience to secure a professional entry-level career in any of the following cloud based job roles:

  • Azure Administrator
  • Azure Network Administrator
  • Azure Virtual Machine Administrator
  • Azure Resource Manager
  • Azure Storage Administrator

Learning Outcomes

Cloud learners will walk-away with skills to impress future employers:

  • Basic cloud skills
  • Cloud resource administration
  • Virtual machine configurations
  • Cloud pricing administration
  • Calculating and understanding Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Cloud resource administration
  • Cloud resource management
  • Storage configuration in the cloud
  • Cloud resource administration
  • Server and database configuration in the cloud