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Businesses use our solution to help improve productivity, stay up-to-speed with new technologies and familiarize new IT recruits without compromising business-critical systems. Beyond IT departments, other employees use our Practice Labs to extend their digital skills and improve their competence with Microsoft Office programmes. 

As more and more businesses become technology-driven, the pressure on IT departments is increasing. Gone are the times when a typical day mostly consisted of resolving helpdesk queries and optimizing the user experience.

Company board executives look to technical advancements to help achieve business goals and it’s down to IT departments to check compatibility and ensure smooth deployment.

Plus, existing applications need to be upgraded constantly, but before implementation, IT pros must ensure that the update won’t impact negatively on current systems. Worryingly, this small window between a new release announcement and actual roll-out can leave your business open to exploitation by hackers. Malicious agents can strike with denial of service attacks, introduce ransomware, capture sensitive data and, in extreme cases, even cripple your business operations.

All this activity is taking place against a backdrop of a global IT skills shortage. Recruiting and retaining skilled IT professionals is more difficult than ever before. The case has never been stronger for businesses to ‘grow their own’ IT talent and extend the breadth of skills across their IT departments.

How do you ensure your IT personnel are keeping pace with the ever-changing IT landscape? Do they have the opportunity to test and experiment before deploying new applications and updates – without compromising your live systems?

If you’re interested to know how our Practice Lab Environment works to address these issues, we’re only a phone call or an email away.

We do not have to purchase or administer the infrastructure for giving students an online virtual environment, nor do we have to try to create labs. The benefits are significantly reduced costs for us.
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Practice Labs can help you keep up with the pace of change and grow your own IT talent

  • Allows your IT employees to practice new IT skills on live equipment without compromising business-critical systems.
  • Ethical hacking and red team/blue team cybersecurity Practice Labs will show your IT personnel how to identify common security breaches and ways to counter them.
  • Multiple device Practice Labs allow employees to access different technologies simultaneously.
  • Provides a way to confirm the skills of IT candidates and new recruits.
  • Embeds existing knowledge and improves competency – increasing productivity.
  • Acts as a ‘reminder base’ for IT personnel to refresh topic-related skills prior to tackling those tasks at work.
  • Keeps your IT personnel up to speed with changing technology.
  • 24/7 access via web browser or through LTI integration with your learning management system.
  • Gives your employees access to the latest devices, hardware and software – regardless of the age of the physical equipment they are using.
  • Easy to follow, step-by-step instruction, reinforced by a variety of test types: text based; live questions; and performance-based testing – embedding learning by challenging IT employees to problem-solve themselves.
  • Perfect complement to online IT training programmes.
  • Automatic grading and reporting allows for hassle-free assessment of user progress.
  • 360+ titles to choose from, covering critical topics from leading vendors such as CompTIA, Microsoft, Cisco and VMware.
  • Reduces the need for resits to gain IT certification – and the associated costs – by providing a practice ground where employees can test their knowledge beforehand.
  • Supports non-IT staff – allowing them to improve their general digital skills and increase their competence with Microsoft Office programs.

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