Essential digital skills for work and life

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Essential Digital Skills (EDS) by Practice Labs is an innovative learning solution designed specifically for providers to ensure all adults have the essential digital skills they need to progress in work and life.

Closing the digital skills gap through hands-on learning


47 hours of learning time


Talk-show style video content


Accessible on PC/Mobile/Tablet

Entry Level

Entry Level

We want to remove the frustration for adults with no or low digital skills to progress in everyday life, and give them the confidence to emerge into the workplace. From learning how to use a USB drive, or making an online purchase, we recognise the need to go back to basics for many and help them begin their digital journey.

This is where Essential Digital Skills by Practice Labs can help. EDS delivers comprehensive learning content combined with assessment and the ability for learners to practice their skills in a safe environment where it’s OK to mess up. Learning content is presented through easy-to-understand videos and tutorials, with the ability to test the learners on their knowledge, skills and ability. This safe place enables learners to practice those skills until they are confident to use them in their everyday lives. 



EDS covers all of the learning objectives set out in the EDS framework required for adults to safely benefit from and immerse themselves into the digital world.

EDS Framework

“Unrealised Digital Potential - According to MGI, Europe and the United States have captured only a small percentage of the potential from digitization. United Kingdom has captured only 17%, the USA only 18%.”

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