Introduction to Programming using Javascript

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Our live lab 98-382 Introduction to Programming using Javascript will enable you to gain the fundamental skills across a range of areas using Javascript.

Using the lab will enable you to progress your skills from working with various data types through to working with various arrays and many other areas.

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Lab Guides

  • Working with Primitive Data Types
  • Converting Types
  • Formatting Numbers
  • Manipulating Strings
  • Outputting Text
  • Defining Simple Functions
  • Defining Functions with Parameters
  • Handling Events
  • Creating the Calculator Application
  • Working with JavaScript Operators
  • Accessing HTML Elements
  • Working with If Statements
  • Working with Comparison Operators
  • Working with Logical Operators
  • Working with Switch Statement
  • Manipulating HTML Elements
  • Working with Loop Statements
  • Working with Break and Continue Statements
  • Applying JavaScript Best Practices
  • Working with Inline and External Scripts
  • Implementing Exception Handling
  • Working with Built-in Math Functions
  • Creating Single and Multi-Dimensional Arrays
  • Sorting and Searching Single-Dimensional Arrays
  • Popping and Pushing Arrays
  • Working with User-Defined Objects
  • Defining and Formatting Dates
  • Working with Dates
  • Working with Forms and Window Objects Part 1
  • Working with Forms and Window Objects Part 2
  • Working with History Objects
  • Creating Cookies

Relevant roles

  • Developer

Learning outcomes

  • Program with JavaScript Operators, Methods, and Keywords
  • Program with Variables, Data Types, and Functions
  • Implement and Analyze Decisions and Loops
  • Interact with the Document Object Model
  • Interact with HTML Forms


What's included

  • 12 months access to Introduction to Programming using Javascript.
  • Access to one device.
  • 32 lab guides (modules) to work through.
  • Practical exercises with step-by-step instructions to complete.
  • A split screen platform where students can read the instructions set and perform the tasks at the same time.
  • Inline questions throughout to assess what they have learnt
  • Approximately 10 hours learning time.

Lab topology

  • PLABWIN10 - Windows 10 Workstation
Lab topology diagram