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Our CompTIA CASP+ Practice Lab is designed for those looking to take advanced steps in their cyber security career whilst preparing for CASP+ (CAS-003) certification.

The live lab covers a number of key areas including:

  • Enterprise security 
  • Risk management
  • Incident response
  • Research
  • Analysis and assessment
  • Integration of computing, communication and business disciplines 
  • Technical integration of enterprise components

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Lab Guides

  • Work With Remote Connectivity
  • Perform digital forensics
  • Security and Risk Management Support Materials
  • Configuring SCCM Configuration Items and Baselines
  • Integrate Network and Security Components
  • Install and Configure Network Load Balancing
  • Perform Firewall Rule-based Management
  • Implement SSL VPN using ASA Device Manager
  • Configure Verify and Troubleshoot Port Security
  • Scanning and Remediating Vulnerabilities with OpenVAS
  • Configure and Verify IPv4 and IPv6 Access Lists for Traffic Filtering
  • Analyze network traffic with Wireshark
  • Configuring Endpoint Security
  • Configuring Advanced Authentication and Authorization
  • Encryption and Hashing
  • Performing security assessment using various tools
  • Using various tools for security assessments
  • Perform Security Assessment Using MBSA
  • Compliance Patching
  • Mapping Networks
  • Install and Configure ManageEngine OpManager
  • Implementing DNSSEC
  • Implementing AD Federation Services
  • Performing Offline Attacks
  • Configure Verify and Troubleshoot GRE Tunnel Connectivity
  • Implement OpenPGP
  • PKI Concepts
  • Perform Banner Grabbing
  • Using Password Cracking Tools
  • Upgrading and Securing SSH Connection
  • Configure Two Factor Authentication
  • Using Encryption and Steganography

Relevant roles

  • Security architect
  • Security engineer
  • Technical lead analyst
  • Application security engineer


Learning outcomes

  • Risk Management
  • Enterprise Security Architecture
  • Enterprise Security Operations
  • Technical Integration of Enterprise Security
  • Research, Development and Collaboration

What's included

  • 12 months access to our CompTIA CASP+ Practice Lab.
  • Access to 5 devices.
  • 32 lab guides (modules) to work through.
  • Practical exercises with step-by-step instructions to complete.
  • A split screen platform where students can read the instructions set and perform the tasks at the same time.
  • Inline questions throughout to assess what they have learnt
  • Approximately 33 hours practical learning time.

Lab topology

  • PLABDC01 (Windows Server 2012 R2 - Domain Controller)
  • PLABDM01 (Windows Server 2012 R2 - Member Server)
  • PLABWIN801 (Windows 8.1 - Domain Member)
  • PLABWIN10 (Windows 10 - Domain Member)
  • PLABKALI01 (Kali 2016.2)
Lab topology diagram