Managing Modern Desktops
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Welcome to MD-101 Managing Modern Desktops Practice Lab. After completion of this title, you will have gained hands-on experience in managing and protecting modern desktops and applications in a corporate environment. The managing and protection of desktops can be done by applying policies using an on-premise or a cloud infrastructure, for example, Microsoft 365. The title requires an active Microsoft 365 subscription. This subscription will be needed to complete specific tasks in the title.

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Lab Guides

  • Manage Windows 10 Deployment Methods
  • Deploy Windows 10 with Windows Autopilot
  • Implement Windows 10 Provisioning Package
  • Upgrade Devices to Windows 10- Part One
  • Upgrade Devices to Windows 10- Part Two
  • Migrate User Profiles
  • Manage Widows Updates- Part One
  • Manage Widows Updates- Part Two
  • Manage Widows Updates- Part three
  • Manage Device Authentication
  • Manage User Profiles
  • Manage User Profiles with Folder Redirection and OneDrive
  • Configure Device Compliance
  • Implement Conditional Access
  • Deploy Applications- Part One
  • Deploy Applications- Part Two
  • Deploy Applications- Part Three
  • Implement App Protection Policy
  • Manage Microsoft Defender- Part One
  • Manage Microsoft Defender Part Two
  • Manage Intune Device Enrollment and Inventory
  • Manage Device Report and Enrollment 
  • Implement Device Profiles
  • Implement Azure Information Protection
  • Deploy Kiosk Computer and Implement App Sideloading
  • Implement Windows Information Protection
  • Implement Co-Management
  • Migrate GPO's to MDM
  • Manage Authentication Policy

Relevant roles

  • System Administrator
  • Desktop Administrator 

Learning outcomes

  • Deploy and update operating systems
  • Manage policies and profiles
  • Manage and protect devices
  • Manage apps and data

What's included

  • 12 months access to Microsoft Managing Modern Desktops
  • Access to one device.
  • 29 lab guides (modules) to work through.
  • Practical exercises with step-by-step instructions to complete.
  • A split screen platform where students can read the instructions set and perform the tasks at the same time.
  • Inline questions throughout to assess what they have learnt
  • Approximately 28 hours learning time.

Lab topology

  • PLABDC01 - (Windows Server 2019 - Domain Controller)
  • PLABDM01 - (Windows Server 2019 - Domain Member Server, running Hyper-V Service)
  • PLABDM02 - (Windows Server 2019 - Domain Member Server, running Windows Deployment Services)
  • PLABWIN10 - (Windows 10 Enterprise - Domain Member Workstation)
  • PLABWIN810 - (Windows 8.1 Enterprise - Domain Member Workstation)
Lab topology diagram